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Summary: Reflection's Edge, 2009

Summary: Reflection's Edge, 2009

Reflection's Edge is a webzine that focusses on SF/Fantasy/Horror with the occasional piece of erotica and a western or two. They are nominally a monthly publication, with two bi-monthly issues per year, but this year there were only 6 issues with fiction. In those issues I saw 32 stories, 4 of them novelettes, with the remainder short stories, including 8 short-shorts. About 120,000 words.

Stories I liked included "Missing in Action", by LM Myles (June), about a mechanically-enhanced woman trying to escape a prison; "Changes", by Jessica Sirkin (October), about a man whose wife has decided to go through a series of radical changes which will make her some sort of alien (it seems); and "All That Glitters", by Diane Gallant, in which a fisherman's daughter marries a miner who ends up on the wrong side of some magical creatures. Other nice work came from Ripley Patton (a couple good stories), Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Margaret Yank, Ann Kolbeck, and MJ Starling.

This year 19 of 32 stories, almost 60%, were by women. (Higher than usual but not out of line for the site.) 8 of 32 stories in 2009, 25%, were science fiction, consistent with the previous year.
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