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Summary: Shiny, 2009

Summary: Shiny, 2009

Shiny is a Young Adult speculative fiction ezine from Australia, founded by Alisa Krasnostein, Tansy Rayner-Roberts and Ben Payne, currently edited by Krasnostein, Payne, and Tehani Wessely. The fifth issue appeared in 2009. It has been announced that the sixth issue, coming in 2010, will be the last, largely so that the publishers (Twelfth Planet Press) can concentrated on other projects. They've been doing excellent work on those other projects (in 2009, for example, they featured a first-rate novella chapbook from Peter Ball, Horn, and a very enjoyable anthology set in the New Ceres shared world: New Ceres Nights), so it's the loss of Shiny is understandable and ameliorated, but still sad.

The one 2009 issue featured three short stories, one a short-short by my definition, for a total of some 14,000 words of fiction. All three were SF, all by women, and I liked them all. I suppose my favorite was Tansy Rayner Roberts's "Like Us", about humanlike aliens who come to Earth and are found very attractive to us.
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