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Summary: Sybil's Garage, 2009

Summary: Sybil's Garage, 2009

I saw one issue of Sybil's Garage this year ... the sixth overall issue of this magazine, and the second I've seen. The editor is Matthew Kressel. It's a stylishly put together magazine, There's plenty of poetry, art, and nonfiction in addition to the stories. There were 16 stories, all short, two short-shorts, for a bit under 50,000 words of fiction.

My favorites included Simon Petrie’s "Downdraft", set on another planet with intelligent zeppelins and flying human-like people. This story is about a young flyer’s ill-advised attack on one of the zeppelins -- a story really about misunderstanding, with no bad guys. Also, Becca de la Rosa’s "Not the West Wind", about, variously, and among other things: a woman in love with a guitar, the west wind, Ireland, and a foundling girl; and Sean Markey’s "Waiting for the Green Woman", about a man with a tree for a daughter. Other strong work came from Eric Del Carlo, Genevieve Valentine, and Stephanie Campisi.

I counted 7 SF stories of the 16 (44%), and 8 stories by women (50%).

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