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The Elephant Forgets
Summary: Neo-Opsis, 2009
Summary: Neo-Opsis, 2009

Neo-Opsis is a Canadian magazine edited by Karl Johanson. The first issue came out in 2003 and with 3 issues most years and two in 2008 they've reached number 18. The focus is on Science Fiction, but they do publish some Fantasy. The three 2009 issues included 23 stories, one short novelette, five short-shorts. Over 80,000 words of fiction.

This year I enjoyed Hayden Trenholm's "Symphony of Stones" (#16), about a conquering alien seduced by human music; Richard Herr's "Diplomacy" (#16), a decent alien diplomacy story; Sara King's "Moderator" (#17), in which a vampire hires a webmaster; and Scott Overton's "No Walls" (#18), about a man who can walk through walls and who is hired by the government to act as a spy. Other decent stuff came from Grace Seybold, Peter Andrew Smith, and Pippa Wysong.

6 of the 23 stories were by women (26%), and 17 of the stories were SF (74%). Both numbers are more or less similar to past years.

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