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Summary: New Genre, 2009

Summary: New Genre, 2009

This is a yearly magazine, handsomely presented, with something of the look of a "little magazine" but a focus, of course, on genre stories (albeit with a literary bent). Indeed, not just "genre" but explicitly Science Fiction and/or Horror. The SF editor is Jeff Paris, the Horror editor Adam Golaski. They skipped last year, but were back in 2009 with #6, dated Summer 2009.

There were over 40,000 words of fiction, 3 novelettes, 1 short story. (New Genre has always been happy to publish longer stories.) My favorite story was "Lonegan's Luck", by Stephen Graham Jones, in which the title character is a snake oil salesman -- but as it happens his tonic really works, though in a rather gruesome way. Lonegan nearly gains our sympathy, which makes the mordant ending twist even more effective.

None of the stories were by women. 2 were SF.
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