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Summary: Flurb, 2009

Summary: Flurb, 2009

Flurb is a semiannual webzine edited by Rudy Rucker. It features a lot of -- one might say experimental stuff, one might say playful stuff, one might just say weird stuff. I find the contents wildly uneven, which is perhaps as one might expect. There were two issues in 2009, as every year: numbers 7 and 8. There were a total of 21 stories, all shorts, four of them short-shorts. Just about 67,000 words of fiction. They also feature poetry, and photography.

My favorite story by a wide margin was Richard Kadrey's "Trembling Blue Stars" (#7), which features a man confronting the woman he left to become a cosmonaut, a process which involves dying and having an alien being of some sort implanted. From the same issue I also liked Alex Hardison's "Clouds in the Night", a sweet romantic story about two computer network types hooking up in a post-Crash Australia, a different place indeed, where maintaining a computer (or a car) is quite a challenge. From #8 I think my favorite was Charlie Jane Anders's "Henry's Penis", a wacky story about a boy at puberty trying an experimental treatment to, er, improve his equipment. Naturally, unexpected things happen. Other good work came from Brendan Byrne, Emily C. Skaftun, and Madeline Ashby.

Five stories were by women (24%, same as in 2007 but more than 2008), and 17 of the stories were Science Fiction, albeit often quite strangely so: 81% -- consistent with Flurb's general bias towards SF, if more pronouncedly so than usual.

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