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Summary: Jupiter, 2008

Summary: Jupiter, 2008

Jupiter is a small British magazine, devoted primarily to straightforward SF, that publishes on a quite impressively regular quarterly schedule. The editor is Ian Redman. The four issues this year were numbered XIX through XXII, and named Megaclite, Taygete, Chaldene, and Harpalyke. For those who might be wondering, these issue names refer to the moons of Jupiter. As there are 63 moons known so far, we can hope for over ten more years of this magazine! There were 23 stories (3 novelette, 20 shorts) this year, for a total of some 120,000 words.

One of my favorite stories was the longest, "O-Topper: The Musical", by Monte Davis, a sometimes shocking story of violent time travel tourism. I also enjoyed James Lecky's "Deepest Black", about a person who was apparently created by a corporation for special purposes, and who has tried to come to terms with his alienating but also potentially transcendent abilities over the years; Mike Wood's "Fred and Ginger", a sweet story about a man pursuing a lost love across worlds and time dilation issues; Ralph Greco's "The Humming Place", about a farmer's encounter with visitors from the future; and David Towsey's "By the River", a dark story of a war-torn future in which some of the dead become something like zombies. Other good work came from Gustavo Bondoni, George Newberry, Terry Grimwood, and Lawrence Dagstine. And finally there was a series of five generally enjoyable stories, extending from the last issue of 2007 through all four issues of 2008, by Gareth D. Jones, set in a post-holocaust future as a roadbuilding machine somehow restarts and builds roads between previously isolated villages.

Statistics: as far as I can tell, none of the stories this year were by women, rather surprisingly. And also none of the stories is fantasy -- which is by design, Jupiter is explicitly a science fiction magazine.

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