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Summary: Ideomancer, 2008 - The Elephant Forgets
Summary: Ideomancer, 2008

Summary: Ideomancer, 2008

Ideomancer is a quarterly online magazine. This year's four issues featured 12 new stories, all short, 2 short-shorts, about 50,000 words total. The editorial team is huge -- Marsha Sisolak is the publisher, and Cathy Freeze, Leah Bobet, Elizabeth Bear, Jaime Voss, Sean Melican, Dan Braum, John Bowker, Beth Langford, and Erin Hoffman also appear on the masthead, most listed as simply "Editor". Next year Leah Bobet will be succeeding Sisolak at the helm of the 'zine.

Stories I liked included "Sea Change" by Erica Satifka (September), about people adapted to live in the sea; "Zorroid", by George S. Walker (December), about androids helping a human woman escape a desolate US into Canada; and "She's Taking Her Tits to the Grave", by Catherine Cheek (June), comic horror about a trophy-wife type coming back from the dead. I also enjoyed stories from A. C. Wise, Steve Nagy, and L. E. Elder.

4 of the 12 stories were SF, 33%, which is typical for Ideomancer. 8 of 12 stories this year were by women, in between the percentages for the two preceeding years.


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