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My 2008 Space Opera anthology -- bad news

As many know -- from having ordered the book at Amazon and not having received it yet, alas -- my first anthology of the Best Space Opera stories of the year -- in that case for 2006 -- has been long delayed. I still hope it will appear soon, but it has been rather frustrating in that it hasn't appeared.

We had decided to do a second volume, for stories from 2007, and I had chosen the contents. But what with the delays of the first volume, and basically the publisher feeling a bit overextended, we've had to cancel this second book. I'm a bit down about that -- I tihnk it was going to be an excellent book. And, too, some of the stories in this volume I purposely held back from reprinting in my Best SF book because they seemed appropriate for the Space Opera book. I won't say which they are -- and I certainly won't say which stories from the other book would have been displaced! -- for one thing, decisions at this level are very close things, and the stories just short of the cut are basically as good as the stories that make it -- but I will mention that at least David Moles's Hugo nominee, "Finisterra", would have made my SF book (assuming he approved).

Anyway, here's the planned TOC for the SPACE OPERA 2008 volume ... noting by the way that the authors hadn't been contacted about this, and some may have refused permission ...:

David Moles, "Finisterra" (F&SF, December)
John Scalzi, "Pluto Tells All" (Subterranean, Spring)
Richard A. Lovett, "The Sands of Titan", (Analog, 6/07)
Ken MacLeod, "Who's Afraid of Wolf 359" (The New Space Opera)
Charles Stross, "Trunk and Disorderly" (Asimov's, January)
Gareth L. Powell, "Six Lights Off Green Scar" (Infinity Plus)
Jayme Lynn Blaschke, "The Final Voyage of La Riaza" (Interzone, June)
C. W. Johnson, "Icarus Beach" (Analog, December)
Robert Reed, "The Caldera of Good Fortune" (Asimov's, Oct/Nov)
Jay Lake, "The Fly and Die Ticket", (Subterranean, Fall)
Dan Simmons, "Muse of Fire" (The New Space Opera)

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