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A preliminary summary, 2007

 I'm not quite done yet. I still plan posts on Shimmer, Anotherealm, and Thrilling Wonder Stories, as well as a long series of posts on original anthologies, and posts on "novella chapbooks", story collections, and various miscellaneous sources of the odd story. And one on the Fantastic Women issue of Tin House, one of the clear best magazine issues of the year.

But I'm almost done. And I can post some stats here.

From 2007 I read various issues of 47 print magazines, 33 electronic sources, 40 original anthologies, 12 story collections with original pieces, 18 single story chapbooks, and a few other miscellaneous spots. These places included (that I read) a total of 2263 stories: 72 novellas, 360 novelettes, and 1831 short stories (326 of those short-shorts). That's a personal record, and so is the total wordcount: just barely short of 12.4 million words.

Interestingly (to me anyway), the total wordcount of novellas was half that of novelettes, which was half that of short stories. (Near as dammit, anyway.) Novellas averaged just about 25,000 words, novelettes just about 10,000 words, and short stories about 3800 words.

I may have misidentified a very few authors, but I counted 793.5 stories by women, or 35%.

And I counted 937 science fiction stories, the rest being fantasy (or horror or slipstream or mainastream or, in perhaps one case, a barely or not at all fictionalized memoir). That's 41.4%, which I will say is a bit smaller proportion than I might have guessed.


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