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Summary: A few more online sources, 2007

Summary: A few more online sources, 2007

These are a few more online sites that regularly publish SF, but that I have missed so far.

10. Ticonderoga Online

This is an Australian ezine edited by Liz Grzyb and Russell B. Farr. It was nominally quarterly and indeed four issues appeared in 2006 but in 2007 only one issue appeared, dated Autumn. (Remember that the Australian Autumn is the Northern Hemisphere Spring.) So I don't know what its future status is. This issue had three stories, 2 SF, 2 by women, all short, 7600 words total. The Jarrah Moore and Ben Payne pieces were my favorites.

11. Electric Spec

I looked at one issue of this ezine, which is edited by Lesley Smith, David Hughes, Renata Hill, and Georgia Simonds. That issue had 6 stories, all short, 1 short-short, about 22,000 words. I wasn't overly happy with it, but it probably deserves a further look. (One later issue include for example a story by Barth Anderson, albeit that one a reprint.) In this issue my favorite story was "The Rainbow Bridge" by Hank Quense.

12. E-Cards From Hell

This was a subscription service that sent a dozen short-shorts, with illustrations, on electronic postcards. The stories averaged about 500 words a pop, so about 6000 words total. They were all on horror-themes, and being short-shorts, were basically one-joke pieces, sometimes quite cute. My favorites were from Henry Gee and David J. Snyder.

13. Bruce Holland Rogers short-shorts at

This is an email service from Bruce, $10 a year, in which he sends 3 stories a month, generally short-shorts (occasionally they run just a bit longer). Some of them are reprints, and I've probably missed some of those, but I have 33 stories listed that I hadn't seen elsewhere. Just about 28000 words of new fiction. These are generally pretty good short-shorts. My favorites this year were a series of seven called collectively "The Seven Deadly Hotels", about seven very unusual hotels.



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