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Summary: Hub, 2007

Summary: Hub, 2007

Hub magazine debuted in 2006 with a print issue that, I have to say, was not all that inspiring. There was, I believe, one more print issue (though I did not see it), then the magazine transitioned online, publishing issues at close to a weekly rate, with one story per issue. The stories were occasionally reprints, but in 2007 I saw 32 new stories, three of them novelettes and three short-shorts (the rest short stories), for a total of some 140,000 words of fiction. Here I must note that Hub is PARTICULARLY difficult to do word counts for. The issues come in .pdf format, which is attractive but doesn't allow word counting (to my knowledge), and each issue diddles with the fonts, both style and size. So my word counts are rougher estimates even than usual. (This isn't really a complaint -- the varying fonts are interesting, not hard to read, and probably a good design choice.)

The editors are Lee Harris and Alasdair Stuart.

I thought the magazine improved throughout -- after a (as mentioned) dodgy start, they published some quite interesting stuff. Highlights included A. H. Jennings's "T ME", about a sort of super-child growing up in Tunisia; Dave Hoing's "As the Crow Flies", which merits comparison (thematically) to Ian MacLeod's "The Master Miller's Tale", as it tells of an old magic-based tech becoming obsolete due to a newer tech; I. C. Johnson's "The Mechanism", about an android falling in love with a human on a voyage to Mars; and Kenneth Chiacchia's "House Trainer", about teaching AI houses to treat their owners right. Other nice pieces came from Eugie Foster, Alasdair Stuart, Igor Teper, Gareth D. Jones, Mikal Trimm, Vaughan Stanger, and January Mortimer.

According to my count, 10 of the 32 stories were by women, a bit more than 30%; and 22 stories were SF.


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