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The Elephant Forgets
Summary: Neo-Opsis, 2007

 Summary: Neo-Opsis, 2007

Neo-Opsis is a Canadian magazine edited by Karl Johanson. The first issue came out in 2003 and three more issues have appeared each of the past four years now -- quite a regular schedule, though it has still not reached its stated goal of quarterly publication. (It's doing a lot better than most other "quarterly" magazines, though!) The focus is on Science Fiction, but they do publish some Fantasy. The three 2007 issues included 21 stories, 4 of them short-shorts. Just over 70,000 words of fiction.

I should probably mention that Neo-Opsis won a 2007 Aurora Award, for "Best Work in English, Other" (a category that also included anthologies, a children's ABC book, and a CD).

Good stories here included Joe Murphy's quiet, sentimental, "The Widower's Fairy" (#13), about a man making a mechanical fairy after his wife's death -- animated by you can guess who!; Stephan Ingstrand's "The Value of Paper Clips" (#12), an amusing piece about time travel; and Jennifer Pelland's "Wedding Day" (#11), a dark story of women forced into a very different sort of marriage by a Machine in a harsh future. Stories by Robert P. Switzer, David Taub, and William Mitchell also were worthy of notice.

6 of the 21 stories were by women, and 15 of the stories were SF. In 2006, 6 of 18 stories were by women.

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From: (Anonymous) Date: January 5th, 2008 11:06 pm (UTC) (Link)
I hadn't thought to add up the number of male and female writers for Neo-opsis. Interesting to see the figures. Now I'm curious as to how the ratio of men to women we publish, compares to the ratio for the stories we receive for consideration. We've had 3842 stories submitted so far though, so I won't be able to work that out any time soon: )

Karl Johanson
Editor Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine
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