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Summary: Neo-Opsis, 2007

 Summary: Neo-Opsis, 2007

Neo-Opsis is a Canadian magazine edited by Karl Johanson. The first issue came out in 2003 and three more issues have appeared each of the past four years now -- quite a regular schedule, though it has still not reached its stated goal of quarterly publication. (It's doing a lot better than most other "quarterly" magazines, though!) The focus is on Science Fiction, but they do publish some Fantasy. The three 2007 issues included 21 stories, 4 of them short-shorts. Just over 70,000 words of fiction.

I should probably mention that Neo-Opsis won a 2007 Aurora Award, for "Best Work in English, Other" (a category that also included anthologies, a children's ABC book, and a CD).

Good stories here included Joe Murphy's quiet, sentimental, "The Widower's Fairy" (#13), about a man making a mechanical fairy after his wife's death -- animated by you can guess who!; Stephan Ingstrand's "The Value of Paper Clips" (#12), an amusing piece about time travel; and Jennifer Pelland's "Wedding Day" (#11), a dark story of women forced into a very different sort of marriage by a Machine in a harsh future. Stories by Robert P. Switzer, David Taub, and William Mitchell also were worthy of notice.

6 of the 21 stories were by women, and 15 of the stories were SF. In 2006, 6 of 18 stories were by women.

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