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Summary: Farthing, 2007 - The Elephant Forgets
Summary: Farthing, 2007

 Summary: Farthing, 2007

One of the depressing things about doing these summaries is reporting on magazines that have died. And the nature of the business is that lots of magazines die. But it's worse when they are particularly promising magazines, and Farthing was one such. It is (was?) based in the UK, edited by Wendy Bradley. One issue, the 6th (depending on definition -- it was number 5 but a cute Christmas card full of drabbles, numbered 4.5, came out in 2006) appeared in 2007, then Wendy had to suspend the 'zine for financial reasons (as I understand). The single 2007 issue included 14 stories, one of them a short novelette, the rest short stories. Of the short stories, 6 were 100 word "drabbles", and there was another 600 word short short. Total wordage was 33,000 words or so.

My favorite piece was "Passing the Test", by Anna Feruglio Dal Dan, about a refugee trying to return from the colonies to Earth, and the test he needs to take to prove his humanity. Stories by Helen Keeble and Christopher East were also quite good.

I really regret this magazine's passing -- and perhaps it is not gone for good, we will see.

Statistics: 2 of the eight regular length stories are SF, I think, or 25%. (I decided not to categorize the drabbles.) To the best of my knowledge, 3 of 8 stories are by women (though there might be one more), 37.5%. All the drabbles are by men. In 2006, 13 of 24 regular-length stories (54%) and 12 of 21 drabbles (57%) were by women.

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random_alex From: random_alex Date: December 25th, 2007 10:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
That would explain why I never received a copy, I guess! They did still take my money, though...
couchspudprotem From: couchspudprotem Date: December 30th, 2007 09:34 pm (UTC) (Link)
Sorry random_alex: if you write to me (either snailmail at the old Farthing address of PO Box 49752 London WC2E 9WW or email to farthingmagazine@googlemail.com) with the details I'll send out your copies or give you a refund.

Rich, thanks for the review. Farthing isn't *quite* dead yet: it's possible that I may yet be able to fund issue 6 in 2008. But, longer term, the magazine requires a subscriber base of 1000 to survive and - although we could get that many *submissions* at the drop of a hat - it turns out there are more writers than readers out there, which is both counter-intuitive and, of course, what was wrong with my business plan in the first place.

Wendy Bradley
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