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Summary: Darker Matter, 2007 - The Elephant Forgets — LiveJournal
Summary: Darker Matter, 2007

 Summary: Darker Matter, 2007

Darker Matter was a UK based e-zine that came in went in 2007. But it managed 5 issues before closing -- a pretty impressive total. There were 24 stories , all short, 7 short-shorts, about 70,000 words of fiction. The editor was Ben Coppin.

The fiction was uneven, as to be expected, really, but there was some good stuff, and the site was improving noticeably at the end. In particular, issue 5 included strong stories by Jason Stoddard ("True History", about manipulation of history and identity by posthumans), and  Will McIntosh piece ("Young Love on the Drowned Side of the City", about an teenaged boy growing to some sort of maturity in a world where plague has wiped out most of the adults.) Earlier issues had good stories from David D. Levine ("Babel Probe", a retelling of the Tower of Babel with aliens), Bud Sparhawk ("Frost", SF/Horror (and sort of a Christmas story, too) about a scientists  dark experiments as part of a colonization program), and Toiya Kristen Finley ("Dearest Etruria", about a shy man who falls for a beautiful woman, then loses her, only to find her again ... sort of). There was also interesting work from Eugie Foster, Daniel Braum, Jerry Oltion, and Lou Antonelli.

3.5 of 24 stories were by women (just under 15%). The 'zine was intended to be all SF, and I think every story did qualify as SF.

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bluetyson From: bluetyson Date: December 17th, 2007 08:55 am (UTC) (Link)

Is this gone, as in gone off the web?

A suggestion, too - you could maybe tag all these entries 'summary' or 'summary 2007' perhaps, for if you want to feed someone a url that says 'here they are'.
From: ecbatan Date: December 17th, 2007 12:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
It's still there, at www.darkermatter.com.

Good sugggestion about tagging the posts ... I will try to do that.
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