November 25th, 2010

Summary: Abyss and Apex, 2010

Summary: Abyss & Apex, 2010

Abyss & Apex is an e-zine available at They have been publishing on a regular quarterly schedule the past six years (having published more frequently, but with some wobbles, in previous years). Wendy Delmater is the Editor-in-Chief.

They published a total of 27 stories this year. The total word count was about 118,000, a bit more than last year. Three novelettes, the rest short stories, six of them being "short-shorts". I should note that they publish quite a lot of poetry as well, some of it quite good.

My favorite stories this year included, from the first quarter, Tony Pi's "Night of the Manticore", one of his enjoyable alternate-history-fantasy stories set in Lyonesse, this one about a resurrected manticore running amok. From the second quarter, Lavie Tidhar's "The Monks of Udom Xhai", a wry story about some unusual monks arriving in a remote Asian town. From the third quarter, a sharp fantasy short-short by Kit St. Germain, "In the Bag", about a boy and his Master and his Master's useful bag; and Eilis O'Neal's "Ice Moon Tale", Norse (or Finnish) flavored fantasy about a young woman becoming a storyteller.  And from the fourth quarter, "Rumor of Wings" by Alter S. Reiss, about shapechangers and a mysterious woman trying to find some help stealing a certain bracelet of considerable importance to her.

Other nice work came from Desmond Warzel, Samantha Henderson, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Erin Cashier, Shira Lipkin, James A. Hartley, and Caren Gussoff.

And the gender count ... 13 of 27 stories (48%) were by women, within the historical range for Abyss and Apex.

SF/Fantasy split -- perhaps 14 of the 27 stories qualify as SF -- so 52%, about usual for the site.