May 2nd, 2010

Weddings, and Melissa sloshing through Tennessee

I am now at the age where I go to weddings again. Not (for the most part) because my friends are getting married, but because the children of my friends are getting married. (As well as my nieces and nephews.)  In fact I am going to three wedding this past month and the next month. The first one gives a lie to what I just said -- it was a friend from work, a guy in his late 30s, so a fairly late wedding. But this weekend the son of one of our closest couple friends from church got married. And I confess that makes me a feel a bit old.

But it was a very fun wedding. One factor was that the bride and groom both have very creative friends (and are creative themselves) -- the toasts, both by actors (one who had a small role in UP IN THE AIR), were very funny (and yet sweet), for one example. The songs, I will note, were almost exclusively from the '70s -- groups like the Who. I can't but approve, and note in my old fogey fashion that it seems to me less likely that in 40 years the top groups from today will be as likely to be prominently featured in the weddings of the yoot of that time.

Interestingly, one of the guys in this wedding party will also be in the wedding party at the next wedding I'm going to -- my nephew is getting married at the end of May, and one of his best friends is also a very close friend of the bride in this past weekend's wedding. Small world -- or, perhaps I should say, small town, as they are both Webster kids.

And in other news, we had a bit of a scary time with my daughter's return from Clemson today. She drove back by herself, at the end of the semester. The usual route from Clemson to St. Louis is simple: 85 to Atlanta, 75 north from Atlanta to Chattanooga, 24 through Tennessee and Kentucky up into Illinois, then 57 to 64 on into St. Louis. But Melissa wanted to go a more interesting way -- back roads through South Carolina and North Carolina, then through Smoky Mountain National Park to Gatlinburg, then up to Knoxville, across Tennessee on 40, meeting 24 in Nashville ... This turned out to be a good decision. Tennessee was deluged by rain yesterday and today. Many roads were flooded, including 24 south of Nashville. Melissa may have just dodged some issues with 24. Things didn't go perfectly. She heard 24 was closed, didn't know where, and we ended up steering her onto 65 up to Louisville, where she met 64. This added a couple extra hours to her trip, and turned out to be a miscalculation. 24 was not closed north of Nashville (at least not when she went through), and going up on 65, north and slightly east, ended up putting her in the way of a lot more rain, but fortunately no floods. (Though apparently it was close at times ...) Anyway, she did get in, if late, and all's well.

As it happens, the sister of the groom in this weekend's wedding attends Belmont University in Nashville. She has not surprisingly delayed her return -- Belmont is already closed this Monday ...