February 26th, 2010

Summary: Black Static, 2009

Summary: Black Static, 2009

Black Static is a stylish horror-oriented publication, and the sister to the more SF-oriented Interzone. The editor is Andy Cox. It has been consistently a bimonthly publication for the past couple of years. There were a total of 34 stories, 5 novelettes and 29 short stories, for just nearly 190,000 words of fiction.

(This is the last major magazine I've covered this year -- a few more small 'zines remain -- and it's so late because I managed to misplace two of my issues -- but I managed to find them while looking for another book this past weekend!)

Favorites this year included Aliette de Bodard with "The Lonely Heart" (Feb/Mar),a dark tale of a woman who rescues a forlorn teenaged prostitute only to find her husband too interested in her -- and to learn that the girl is something rather different than she had expected. Also Stephanie Burgis's "Red Ribbons" (Jun-Jul), a French Revolution era story about a young woman who meets another young woman and becomes her lover, then learns her secret; Nina Allan’s "My Brother’s Keeper" (Aug-Sep), is a ghost story in which a young man is confronted with a family secret on receiving a special gift from his Lesbian "aunts", as his single mother tries to resist their well-meaning interference is his life -- all this mediated by his dead brother’s commentary. Other fine work came from Steve Rasnic Tem, T. F. Davenport, Gary Couzens, Christopher Fowler, and Rosanne Rabinowitz.

10 of 34 stories were by women, 29%. This year I didn't think any were SF.