February 20th, 2010

Summary: Cemetery Dance, 2009

Summary: Cemetery Dance, 2009

Cemetery Dance is a long running horror magazine. The publisher is Richard Chizmar. Editor Richard Morrish stepped down after #60, the first issue of 2009. It seems that Chizmar has taken over the editing helm, with help from Brian Freeman, Norman Prentiss, and Andrea Wilson. Besides a fair amount of fiction the magazine is packed with interviews, book, movie, and other media reviews, other columns, and lots and lots of ads. This last, combined with the fact that it gets distributed in places like Barnes & Noble, suggests that it's a pretty successful publication. I should mention that I was delighted to see a new column this year, from Ellen Datlow, in which she discusses "The Last Ten Books I've Read".

I saw three issues this year, #60 through #62, which is one more than last year. The issues included 16 new complete stories, one a very short novelette, the others shorts (2 short-shorts), for a total of some 60,000 words of fiction. There were also some reprints, and the first two parts of a serialized novella, "The Innocents at the Museum of Antiquities", by Douglas Clegg. I've been enjoying this last -- it's up to over 20,000 words now. I'll include it with the totals for whichever year it finishes -- presumably next year.

With some embarrassment I confess I've misplaced #60. According to my notes and a much-faded memory, I enjoyed Simon R. Green's "Some of Those Cons Go Way Back", and also stories by Thomas Tessier and Eric Brown. From the rest of the year Stewart O'Nan showed well with "Monsters", about boys planning to dress up for a church pageant of some sort; and I also liked stories by Bruce McAllister and David Morrell. And, as noted, the not yet complete Douglas Clegg piece.

No SF (as expected, though I think I've seen some there in the past), and only 1 of the 16 new stories are by women (a smaller proportion than usual for this magazine -- about 25% is more typical).