January 25th, 2010

Summary: Hub, 2009

Summary: Hub, 2009

Hub magazine debuted in 2006 with a print issue that but quickly transitioned online, publishing issues at a bit more than a biweekly rate, with usually one story per issue, occasionally more. The stories are every so often reprints, but mostly new. In 2009 I saw 39 new stories, four novelettes, and 19 short-shorts -- they've always featured a lot of short-shorts. Total word count was about 116,000.

Lee Harris is the publisher, Alasdair Stuart the managing editor, and Ellen Allen the commissioning editor. The site is based in the UK.

I find the magazine wildly uneven, publishing too much very weak stuff, but also some very fine work. My favorite story this year was "Wink", by Lucy Kemnitzer, about a future in which people choose their own gender, at whatever age they feel best. I also liked Liz Holliday's "The Tongues of Angels", a very thoughtful and well-written piece about the last knight in the world (or a couple worlds) trying to kill the last dragon and Philip Palmer's "Gifted", about an incredibly gifted child who uses his gifts, eventually (though time is tricky in this story) to rather ambiguously change his experience of his life. Other good work came from Alasdair Stuart, Andy Remic, David Barnett, Matt Keefe, and C. J. Paget.

According to my count, which could be very inaccurate, as many of the writers had ambiguous names, and there is often no biographical data at Hub, 12.5 of the 39 stories were by women, about 35% (more than in previous years, but not much more); and 17 stories were SF (about 43.5%, just a bit more than in 2008, and less than in 2007).