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Summary: Ideomancer, 2012 - The Elephant Forgets — LiveJournal
Summary: Ideomancer, 2012
Summary: Ideomancer, 2012

Ideomancer is a quarterly online magazine. It has been around for an impressive 11 years. This year's four issues featured 12 new stories, all short, 1 short-shorts, about 43,000 words total. Leah Bobet is the editor.

My favorites were "The Bohemians", by Alexei Collier (September), a weird SF story about the pursuit of beauty via bodily alterations and drugs (sort of); "Barnstormers" by Wendy N. Wagner (June), a somewhat more traditional SF story about two women veterans in a economically shattered future touring with military mechs of some sort; "The Nazir", by Sofia Samatar (January), about a strange "bird" that only children should see; and, perhaps best of all, "Alterations for Beginners", by Rachel Derksen (December), a very dark fantasy about a magician of some kind and his odd set of students.

3 of the 12 stories were SF, 25%, which is not atypical for Ideomancer. The writers were split evenly between men and women.

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