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Summary: SF Anthologies, 2010

Anthologies of mostly Science Fiction stories, 2010

These books are themed anthologies on SFnal subjects. )I note right away that I've lumped in a book of superhero stories, which many (most?) people might call Fantasy. I've tended, in recent years, to call these SF -- they have that "feel" to me.)

The books are:

Masked, edited by Lou Anders;
Destination Future, edited by Z. S. Adani and Eric T. Reynolds;
The Mammoth Book of Alternate Histories, edited by Ian Watson and Ian Whates; and
The Mammoth Book of Apocalyptic SF, edited by Mike Ashley.

I'm counting new stories only. The two Mammoth books are each mostly reprint, and Destination Future includes several reprints. The four books between them included 42 new stories: 2 novellas, 13 novelettes, and 27 short stories, for a total of about a third of a million words of new fiction. 12.5 of the stories were by women (29%), I called them all SF, perhaps a bit generously.

From Masked I liked Mark Chadbourn’s "By Your Works You Shall Know Me", Ian McDonald’s "Tonight We Fly", and particularly Joseph Mallozzi's "Downfall". From Destination Future, I preferred "No Jubjub Birds Tonight", by Sara Genge; and "The Hangborn", by Frederick Obermyer. From The Mammoth Book of Alternate History, James Morrow's "The Raft of the Titanic" is the clear standout, with Ken MacLeod's "Sidewinders" also quite interesting. And from The Mammoth Book of Apocalyptic SF, "The Books" by Kage Baker is very nice; and I also liked stories by Robert Reed and Alastair Reynolds.
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