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Summary: Anthologies from the UK, 2010

Anthologies from the UK, 2010

As usual I saw a number of anthologies published in the UK, with primarily (but far from entirely) UK-based writers. These five were:
Anniversaries: The Write Fantastic, edited by Ian Whates;
Conflicts, edited by Ian Whates;
Blind Swimmer, editor not cited (a collection of stories by Eibonvale Press writers);
Dark Spires, edited by Colin Harvey; and
The Immersion Book of SF, edited by Carmelo Rafala.

The five books between them contained 54 new stories: 2 novellas, 20 novelettes and 32 short stories (one short-short), for a total of about 400,000 words of new short fiction. 17 of the stories were by women (31.5%), and 32 were SF (59%).

Highlights from the books include Nina Allan's "Bellony" (Blind Swimmer), about a journalist investigating a mysterious disappeared writer; Lavie Tidhar's "Lode Stars" (The Immersion Book of SF), a strange SF story set in a society around a group of black holes; Una McCormick's "War Without End" (Conflicts), about a general returning to the planet on which he waged war against ultimately victorious revolutionaries; Kari Sperring's "The Birthday of the Oligarch" (Anniversaries), a lighthearted story about political machinations in a fantastical city; Chaz Brenchley's "I Shaved Half Emperor Cyrrhenius" (Anniversaries), about the son of the barber to the title "Half-Emperor", and his dangerous mission to take over his father's position; and two from Dark Spires: "The Sleeper Stone", by Christina Lake, set in a technologically somewhat decayed future, into which a long sleeping man awakes: H. G. Wells; and "Spunkies", by Eugene Byrne, in which a government bureaucrat, facing redundancy, takes on one last job, tracking down an environmental protester in the Somerset Levels who has raised a power he doesn’t realize he can’t control. Other nice work came from Gareth L. Powell, Eric Brown, Juliet E. McKenna, Douglas Thompson, and Aliette de Bodard.

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