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Summary: Australian anthologies, 2010 - The Elephant Forgets — LiveJournal
Summary: Australian anthologies, 2010
Anthologies from Australia, 2010

There were so many 2010 original anthologies from Australia I decided they deserved their own category. I've seen it suggested that this is a result of the 2010 Worldcon in Melbourne. At any rate, in 2010 I saw:
Baggage, edited by Gillian Polack;
Scary Kisses, edited by Liz Grzyb;
Belong, edited by Russell Farr;
Legends of Australian Fantasy, edited by Jonathan Strahan and Jack Dann; and
Sprawl, edited by Alisa Krasnostein.

The five books between them contained 76 new stories, 6 novellas, 14 novelettes and 56 short stories (three short-shorts), for a total of well over half a million words of new short fiction. 51 of the stories were by women (67%), and 20 were SF (26%).

Highlights from the books include Garth Nix's "To Hold the Bridge" (Legends of Australian Fantasy), about a new recruit to a bridge building company trying to defend a magical attack on his bridge; Simon Brown's "Sweep" (Sprawl), about a man recalling his suburban childhood and especially the strange man in his neighborhood they called Sweep; Lucy Sussex's "Albert and Victoria/Slow Dreams" (Baggage), about a New Zealand tour guide and a living glacier; Barbara Robson's "Mrs. Estahazi" (Belong), about an odd foreign woman moving into an Australian neighborhood; Angela Slatter's "Brisneyland by Night" (Sprawl), an urban fantasy riffing on a fairytale in dealing with an epidemic of missing children; Slatter again, with L. L. Hannett, in "The February Dragon" (Scary Kisses), about a half-dragon woman falling in love with a dragon; Sarah Totton's "Song of the Blackbird" (Belong), which sets up an intriguing mystery as a man encounters a strange but enticing woman tracks her to her remote homeand; and D. M. Cornish's very dark "The Corser's Hinge" (Legends of Australian Fantasy), about an attempt to rescue a girl kidnapped by worshippers of a vile god. Other good work came from Carol Ryles, Kyla Ward, K. J. Bishop, Juliet Marillier, Janeen Webb, and Jennifer Fallon.

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