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Summary: Cosmos, 2010

Summary: Cosmos, 2010

Cosmos is an Australian popular science magazine that features an SF story in each issue. They also occasionally feature stories on their website (and the website also sometimes reprints stories from the print magazine, a few months later). The fiction editor through 2010 was Damien Broderick, but he has resigned, and Cat Sparks will be the editor in 2011. They are bimonthly, so 6 issues appeared in 20109. Including the stories on the website, there were 9 stories, all short, for a total of some 28,000 words.

Their fiction is consistently interesting -- always SF, often fairly near future focussed, as befits a popular science magazine in many ways. My favorites from 2010 were Jenny Blackford's "The Velvet Revolution" and Ian McHugh's "Rust Night", with some nice work from Jennifer Povey as well.

I think 5 of 9 stories were by women, and all of them were SF.

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