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Summary: Bull Spec, 2010

[revised after a fourth issue with a 2010 date showed up]

Summary: Bull Spec, 2010

Bull Spec is a new print magazine based in Durham, NC. It is nice looking: slick, 8.5 x 11, with fine color covers, and lots of interior artwork. They publish a smallish amount of fiction per issue -- usually five stories, but generally quite short. They also feature a lot of nonfiction, with plenty of interviews, a fair amount of reviews, excerpts, and some poetrey. I saw 4 issues this year (the last came to me only in late January, but I'll count in in 2010 as it has a Decmember 2010 date (along with Jan/Feb 2011!), with a total of 20 stories, all shorts, 5 short-shorts, about 55,000 words of fiction, not counting a couple of reprints.

My favorite story was probably Lavie Tidhar's "The Story of Listener and Yu-En" (October), set "after the people went" about an intelligent dog and intelligent cat in love. I also quite liked Nick Mamatas's story "O, Harvard Square!", from December, about a homeless young woman who can hear a radio station in her head, which eventually lures her to a mysterious door underground, with an unexpected bounty behind it. Other nice work came from Katherine Sparrow, Melissa Mead, Natania Barron, Don Norum, and Kaolin Fire.

I counted 8 of 20 stories this year by women (40%). And I counted 14 SF stories, or about 70%.
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