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Summary: Flurb, 2010

Summary: Flurb, 2010

Flurb is a semiannual webzine edited by Rudy Rucker. It features a lot of -- one might say experimental stuff, one might say playful stuff, one might just say weird stuff. I find the contents wildly uneven, which is perhaps as one might expect. They do have a strong general bias towards SF, though they show often enough how weird something can be and still be SF. There were two issues in 2010, as every year: numbers 9 (Spring) and 10 (Fall). There were a total of 28 stories, two novelettes, the rest shorts, four of them short-shorts. Nearly 100,000 words of fiction.

Stories that stuck out for me included John Shirley's "Bitters" (Fall), about the interrogation of a drug criminal, the key being the drug with which he is involved; Brendan Byrne's "Wasps/Spiders" (Fall), near future SF about a time traveler recording terrorism events; and Christopher B. Shays's "InheBeginningTM", a gaming story, with multiverses. There was also fine work from Rucker himself, Richard A. Lupoff, Annalee Newitz, Madeline Ashby, and Marc Laidlaw.

Five and a half stories were by women (20%, more or less consistent with Flurb's history), and 20 of the stories were Science Fiction, albeit often quite strangely so: 71% -- consistent with Flurb's general bias towards SF.

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