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Summary: Cemetery Dance, 2010 - The Elephant Forgets — LiveJournal
Summary: Cemetery Dance, 2010
Summary: Cemetery Dance, 2010

Cemetery Dance is a long running horror magazine. The publisher and executive editor is Richard Chizmar, with help from Brian Freeman, Norman Prentiss, and Andrea Wilson. Besides a fair amount of fiction the magazine is packed with interviews, book, movie, and other media reviews, other columns, and lots and lots of ads. This last, combined with the fact that it gets distributed in places like Barnes & Noble, suggests that it's a pretty successful publication.

I saw two issues this year, #63 and #64. The issues included 14 new stories, plus some novel excerpts. One story was the conclusion of a three part serialized novella, "The Innocents at the Museum of Antiquities", by Douglas Clegg. The other stories were all shorts. 68,000 words total, which comes to about 90,000 if you include the novella as a single unit.

My favorite story of the year was Clegg's novella, a rather overwrought, even Gothic (on purpose), story set in Mexico, about a young man who falls in love with a young woman, only to have their romance doomed by the histories of their families. I'll repeat my usual caveat about not being a big horror fan ... the other stories I thought OK were from Simon Strantzas, Bentley Little, Ronald Kelly, and Peter Crowther.

No SF, and only 1 of the 14 new stories was by a woman.

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