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Summary: Postscripts, 2010

Summary: Postscripts, 2010

The UK-based magazine Postscripts officially became an anthology in 2009, but, much as I have done with Tales of the Unanticipated, I am still counting it with the magazines. One double issue, #22/23, called The Company He Keeps, appeared in 2010. The editors are Peter Crowther and Nick Gevers. This issue contained over 150,000 words of new fiction. There were 3 novelettes and 28 short stories.

I was a bit disappointed in that while this issue had lots of pretty solid pieces, none really thrilled me. I thought the best were Holly Phillips's "The Rescue", about a woman confined in an asylum for political reasons; Eric Brown's clever crime story "The Human Element"; a strong horror story from Don Webb, "The Man Who Scared Lovecraft"; "One Hundred Sentences About the City of the Future: A Jeremiad", by Alex Irvine, a lovely clever little political piece; "The Desiccated Man", by Chris Beckett, a horrifying SF piece about a spaceship captain and his careless treatment of an alien; and Richard Parks's "Signs Along the Road", about a hobo and his chance companion -- and about the hobo's true home, and also his companion's true home. (Oddly, this shares an odd plot point with an On Spec story also published this year.) Stories by Lucius Shepard, P. D. Cacek, Quentin S. Crisp, Rhys Hughes, and Darrell Schweitzer were also quite fine.

Statistics: 7 of 31 stories, almost 23%, were by women. (This is the highest proportion I recall at Postscripts.) I would call perhaps 15 of the 31 stories from 2009 Science Fiction, or 48%, same as last year.
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