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Summary: Shimmer, 2010

Summary: Shimmer, 2010

Shimmer is a very nicely presented magazine, generally fantasy-oriented (this year I saw one SF story). I saw one 2010 issue, with 9 stories, all short, two short-shorts, for a total of some 32000 words. The magazine also features lots of quite nice artwork. The Editor-in-Chief is Beth Wodzinski, and E. Catherine Tobler is the Editor.

My favorite story in 2010 was Jen Volant's "An Organization Man in the Time Long After Legends", about a man working for a secret organization hunting down ill-defined dangerous beings of some sort, and about his, well, mid-life, or mid-career, crisis. I also quite enjoyed stories by Peter M. Ball, Ben Francisco, and Monica Byrne.

Statistics: 6 of 9 stories were by women, (67%), a bit more than the last couple years, and as I mentioned, one SF story, 11%.

Tags: 2010, magazines, yearly summaries
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