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Summary: Ideomancer, 2010

Summary: Ideomancer, 2010

Ideomancer is a quarterly online magazine. It has just wrapped up its ninth year -- pretty impressive for a webzine. This year's four issues featured 12 new stories, all short, 4 short-shorts, about 35,000 words total. This year they also unveiled a new design, very nice looking (not that there was a real problem with the old design, but it had been around for a while). Besides the fiction, they feature lots of poetry and some nonfiction (mostly book reviews). The editorial team is huge -- Marsha Sisolak is the publisher emeritus, with Leah Bobet now the publisher and editor, and Amber van Dyk the managing editor. Other names on the masthead are Elizabeth Bear, Jaime Lee Moyer, John Bowker, Beth Langford, Erin Hoffman, Claire Humphrey, Alena MacNamara, and Michael R. Colangelo.

My favorites were LaShawn M. Wanak's "Future Perfect", a woman's look at multiple alternate futures for her and a man she loves; Megan Arkenberg's "The Copperroof War", about the results of an uprising in a vast house; Ilan Lerman's "Saint Stephen Street", about an old man and a young girl in a ruined future; and Sandra Odell's "Afterflow", a short-short, for its unusual depiction of love.

3 of the 12 stories were SF, 25%, which is not atypical for Ideomancer, if a bit low. 9 of 12 stories this year were by women, one more than last year.

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