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Summary: Fantasy Magazine, 2010 - The Elephant Forgets
Summary: Fantasy Magazine, 2010
Summary: Fantasy Magazine, 2010

Fantasy Magazine is an online magazine that publishes a story a week, plus interviews, author profiles, and reviews (though the latter stopped in about September of this year). (I was a regular contributor of reviews to the site.) So I have included those in my count this year -- even though I also included them last year (in anticipation of the print issue!) I counted 48 stories, all short, two of them short-shorts. Over 200,000 words. The publisher is Sean Wallace and the new fiction editor (as of the March 2011) is John Joseph Adams (also editor of Fantasy's SF sister magazine Lightspeed.) Cat Rambo was previously managing editor and co-fiction editor with Wallace. The new managing editor is Molly Tanzer. I consider Fantasy a major source of mostly literary fantasy, one of the leading webzines in the field, and I thought 2010 a very strong year for them.

I am using four of the stories in my Best of the Year anthology. These are "Holdfast", by Matthew Johnson (December), a quietly told, essentially domestic, story with dragons, and magic, and the threat of war; "The Interior of Mr. Bumblethorn's Coat", by Willow Fagan (October), dealing with the confused, drug-addicted, title character, who lives in a curious world of living buildings and ambulatory cities, and who has something quite unexpected in his coat; "Abandonware", by An Owomoyela (June), a wrenching story about a boy who discovers in his late elder sister's belongings a computer program that seems to predict the future; and "Stereogram of the Gray Fort, in the Days of Her Glory", by Paul M. Berger (Jun), in my opinion of the very top stories of the year, about an elven warrior and his human wife visiting a site from the war in which elves subjugated humans. There were a number of other very strong stories as well. Lavie Tidhar's "The Spontaneous Knotting of an Agitated String" (May) is a nice brief examination of the effects of a memory erasure technique from the point of a view of an old woman who sells the memory erasures. Also from May, Caroline M. Yoachim's "The Sometimes Child" is a different kind of werewolf story. New writer Eilis O'Neal had a couple of very fine pieces: "The Wing Collection" (January) is an evocative tale of a more or less abandoned boy and a mysterious shop with wings for sale, and "The Wizard's Calico Daughter" (August), set in one of those houses bigger on the inside than the outside, abut a girl's realization that even the treasures inside that house don’t mean she shouldn’t ever see the outside. Not so new writer Carol Emshwiller contributed "Above it All" in January, a wry and warm piece about a woman who adopts a girl who can fly. And Elena Gleason's "Whisper's Voice" (April) has a really lovely idea -- "whispers" collecting whispers to learn about humans, and one whisper who becomes fascinated by a boy's stories.

Other nice work included Patricia Russo's "Stranger" and "Wishes and Feathers", Scott William Carter and Ray Vukcevich's "A Stray", Lavie Tidhar's "Monsters", Rachel Swirsky's "The Stable-Master's Tale", Joseph P. Nacino's "Logovore", Sarah Totton's "Malleus, Incus, Stapes", and Jay Lake and Shannon Page's "In the Countries of Her Dreams".

Oddly enough, perhaps, I counted 5 SF stories at Fantasy this year, including some of the best. That's over 10%. 32 of 48 stories, 67%, were by women.

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