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Summary: Clarkesworld Magazine, 2010

Summary: Clarkesworld Magazine, 2010

Clarkesworld Magazine is a monthly online publication. The editors are Neil Clarke and Sean Wallace, though Sean is stepping down at the end of 2010. Two stories are published each month. So, 24 this year, one a novelette, for a total of some 116,000 words, quite a bit more than last year. Clarkesworld publishes a mix of SF and Fantasy, somewhat weighted toward the SF side.

I am reprinting one Clarkesworld story in my Best of the Year anthology, "The Things", by Peter Watts (January), a brilliant, very tense, retelling of the movie The Thing (and by extension, the John W. Campbell story "Who Goes There?") from the alien's point of view. Other strong stories included "Between Two Dragons", by Yoon Ha Lee (April), a war story, about a hero admiral who falls afoul of political machinations (with significant SFnal flourishes); "The Cull", by Robert Reed (September), a dark dark story of a future "station" on a limited Earth, maintained by an AI who "culls" the population as needed; and "The History Within Us", by Matthew Kressel (March), set in a very far future, with a human on a mostly alien habitat trying to maintain memories of human history.

Other very fine stories came from Brenda Cooper, Tobias Buckell, Becca de La Rosa, and Sandra McDonald. It was another excellent year for this site.

Statistics: Clarkesworld, as mentioned, has moved strongly in a science fictional direction.  Last year I had 17 of the stories classified as SF, about 71%, similar to the previous year. Women produced 12 of the stories, exactly half.

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