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Some quick and dirty comments

I finally saw Avatar. I have nothing too profound to say beyond echoing a common view of the film. It's utterly gorgeous -- and the 3D is wonderful -- and the plot is remarkably stupid and the characters are caricatures. And it was all fixable even without losing the politics -- but I guess that's not in Cameron. Certainly it does not deserve the Best Picture Oscar.

I note that my hometown, Naperville, IL, is now the home of the current Super Bowl Champion head coach (Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints) and the current Olympic Gold Medalist in Men's Figure Skating (Evan Lysacek). I don't know either of them, mind you, nor anyone in their families. Of the famous people from Naperville, I don't really know any, although Jim Sonefeld, a founding member of Hootie and the Blowfish, is a friend of my brother (and I probably did meet him, back in the day), and I did go to school with Paula Zahn (newscaster) -- she was in one of my brothers' classes, and I don't recall her at all. (Now I did know novelist Bill Hazelgrove quite well, back in 7th grade, but alas he's not quite famous, and a neighbor, two houses down, Dave Anderson, became a high-powered adman, working on the McDonalds account, among others. But again, not exactly a household name.)

As for the "controversy" about Lysacek's win, because he didn't do the quad, that seems absurd to me. If that's all that matters, as Plushenko would have it, why not just skate out, do a quad, and skate off? It seems to me (admittedly biased) that Lysacek's performance was better throughout -- faster spins, a more balanced program, better footwork -- than Plushenko's, and that Plushenko got due credit for his quad, and debit for the rest ... and he deserved to be second.

One book I read recently that I'll mention, because again I have little to say about it, though I enjoyed it, is the latest Kitty Norville novel from Carrie Vaughn, Kitty's House of Horrors, in which Kitty agrees to participate in a reality show with a bunch of other supernatural types, and a skeptic. Alas, a bunch of murders follow ... indeed, there's quite a body count, too much for my taste. Still, an enjoyable book, a solid entry in the series, but nothing spectacular.
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